5 Best TV Weddings and Matching Engagement Rings

The most exciting television is seeing our favorite characters live out the biggest moments of their lives! Check out these iconic TV weddings and rings we think Phoebe, Charlotte, Carole, Lily and Donna would love!

How I Met Your Mother: Lily and Marshall

Lily and Marshall are the only couple in this comedy series that lasted for the whole duration of the series. Their relationship stayed strong despite some wedding issues. On their wedding day, Lily had an appearance from an ex-boyfriend, a ruined veil and a harpist going into labor, while Marshall had some hair dye difficulties. In the end, their best friend Barney officiated the ceremony they always wanted in the park. Since Lily has a passion for art and design, she would love the Petite Twist Diamond Engagement Ring with a marquise diamond.




Glee: Carole and Burt

Carole and Burt’s wedding was a celebration filled with beautiful music. The Glee cast even put their own spin on “The JK Wedding Entrance Dance.” The couple’s vows were very touching and emotional. Since Carole’s style is very simple, she would love the Classic Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring with a round diamond.



Sex and the City: Charlotte and Henry


Although Charlotte and Harry came from different religious backgrounds, this couple put aside their differences and got married. Their traditional Jewish wedding did not go smoothly. Wine spilled on Charlotte’s dress, they had difficulty breaking the glass and the best man gave an embarrassing drunken toast. Despite these issues, the couple was happy to be married. Since Charlotte has elegant style, she would love the Slanted Accents Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in platinum with a princess cut diamond.



Friends: Phoebe and Mike


Phoebe and Mike are the most eccentric couple of the hit 90’s show. On their wedding day, there was a huge blizzard in New York City, threatening to cancel the wedding. Joey conducted the wedding ceremony on the street outside of Central Perk, the group’s favorite coffee spot. Due to Phoebe’s creative and vintage style, she would love a vintage engagement ring like the Petite Four Points Diamond Engagement Ring with a round diamond.



Beverly Hills 90210: Donna and David


The on-again-off-again couple Donna and David got married in the last episode of the ten-year series. The glamorous wedding featured Donna in a stunning gown and tear-jerking vows. Since Donna is passionate about fashion and would love a ring that sparkles, she would love the trendy Petite Floating Halo Pave Diamond engagement Ring in 14KT white gold.


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