2016 Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring should be a reflection of your style and taste. From fancy halos, to unique diamond accents there are many trends to consider when purchasing an engagement ring in 2016. Here are the hottest engagement ring trends in 2016.


Fancy Shape Diamonds with Halos

Looking for an engagement ring that really stands out? Wearing a ring with a fancy shape at the center makes a statement and can represent the essence of your personality. Pear, marquise and oval diamonds are feminine, and romantic. They can also elongate the finger and look larger than their round counterparts. By adding a halo, the center stone is framed and looks even larger and more beautiful. Uncommon as engagement rings, these shapes will ensure that you have a ring different from all your friends.

Marquise Cathedral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    Fancy Halo Engagement Ring

Double Halo Rings

Why just settle for a single halo around your center stone. A double halo can frame the center even more beautifully and look exceptionally glamorous. If you’re opting for this style, you can comfortably spend a little less on the center stone as the design of the double halo will make up for the smaller size of the center diamond. Round is the ideal shape for a double halo, as the concentric symmetry of the halo lays well against it.

Double Floating Halo Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

Double Halo Engagement Rin

Split Shank Rings
Traditionally, engagement rings are put together on a single shank or a band that does not split. Recently, many brides to be have opted to wear a ring with shanks that split and meet at the center stone. Not only does this add a unique design element to the ring, but it also expands the surface area that ring covers. However, as the shank is split, the ring still looks delicate and the sparkle is not obscured by extra metal.

Petite Split Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Shank Engagement Ring

Winding Bands

Another gorgeous band design that is both unique and romantic is a winding band. It also has a double meaning as it represents the union of two people coming together to start their new life together. Winding bands can be closely intertwined for those who want a more petite ring that covers less of the finger. They can also be spread widely, to cover a larger area of the finger without the band looking overly large. Ideal center stones for this style are oval and round.

Petite Infinity Winding Diamond Engagement Ring

Winding Band Engagement Ring

Unconventional Diamond Accents

Using diamond accents in an unconventional way is a great way to set an engagement ring apart. Whether it’s creating the illusion of a three stone ring or adding a design accent that highlights a unique design, round, baguette and triangular diamonds can make an engagement ring look truly unique. These styles also highlight and enhance the sparkle of the center stone.

Triangular Rounds Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Accents Engagement Ring


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