dream engagement ring proposl

7 Rules for Finding her Dream Engagement Ring

It just hit you! You’ve decided that she’s perfect—absolutely the girl you want to spend every important moment in your life with from this day forward. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if that’s all it took? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are some pretty important rules that you’ll want to follow if you want to pick put her dream engagement ring.


 dream engagement ring proposl

Look for Hints

Chances are, she’s been thinking about this longer than you have. She also probably doesn’t trust you to make this decision all by yourself. Let her help you. She will most likely leave subtle and creative hints. Look for the magazine articles she reads, the jewelry she admires on your friends, the boards and repins on her Pinterest.

 Match Her Style & Personality

A woman’s personality, values and style speak volumes about her taste in jewelry. You can totally match her style to types of engagement rings. For example, if she hardly wears jewelry, and is very simple and casual, a solitaire. Try Four Mine’s Uniquely Her Survey to help you narrow what her ring preferences should be.

 Do Your Research

Because this is a one-time purchase, guys tend to neglect it a bit. Start with the 4 C’s. Begin educating yourself on all the basics and learning about the key factors that contribute to a diamond’s characteristics and value. Focus on the following: 4 C’s, Shape, Polish, Symmetry, Certification, Fluorescence, Length/Width Ratio, Metal, Ring Style, Setting Type. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to understand how each of these affect diamond and ring value and which qualities you would like to prioritize over others.

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Ask for Permission

While it is a bit cliché, this is the most underestimated way to earn her parents’ respect and to get on their good side. They’ll appreciate you asking this question and so will she. It is a nice confidence builder and affirmation of her response. However, be somewhat sure that her family has an inkling about an upcoming proposal and that they know how to keep it a secret from her. Seek permission further into your research to avoid feeling rushed and making her family ache with anticipation.

Determine a Budget

This is arguably the most difficult part of the entire process. Remember your diamond priorities and focus on those to maximize value. Make sure that it is an amount your feel comfortable spending. Most retailers offer financing options. Be sure to take advantage of those to easy the strain on your budget and wallet.

Think of a Personal Proposal

This proposal is about your love and your commitment to her. While the idea can derive inspiration from elsewhere, be sure that it has a personal touch. See the Four Mine Proposal Guide for some inspirational tips. A personal proposal could be anything that reflects on or relates to a moment in your relationship. Whether it is a place you went on a date or a favorite activity/hobby or something memorable you said. Try and pick up one of these ideas and run with them. It’ll help you craft a proposal that will make you look like a stud.

Pop the Question

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Everything is done and we’re ready to go. You’ve practiced your proposal speech 50 times in the shower, figured out the ultimate proposal idea and are ready for the biggest moment of your life. You’ve done everything right so far so don’t mess up at execution…

Remember to pick out your outfit in advance

Remember to have all your accessories (flowers, camera, phone on vibrate, the ring!)

Remember to smile and get down on one knee

Remember to tell her you love her

Remember to ask her to marry you

…and then? Marriage is a whole different ball game! You’ll need to remember a whole new set of tips for that.



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