7 Ways to Tell He’s About to Propose

Is he about to get down on one knee and ask you the big question? Here are our seven clues to look out for:

  1. He’s been noticing your jewelry and accessories more and taking an interest in your style and preferences. He may secretly even be trying to see what your ring size is.
  2. He wants to go golfing with your dad or spend time bonding with your little brother. He’s made the extra effort to be around your family on special occasions.
  3. While he generally shares everything with you, he’s been keeping some secrets lately.  When you ask him what’s happening, he responds with a nervous laugh or smile.
  4. He might be planning a vacation or getaway and putting extra effort into the details of planning everything from the activities to the food you’ll be eating on your trip.
  5. In the past you’ve taken an interest in friends’ engagement rings. But now he’s been observing and commenting on rings that you see and is carefully listening for your reaction.
  6. He’s been talking more about the long-term and definitely includes you in the picture. He asks you for your opinion on larger life decisions and weighs your preferences equally.
  7. He’s started to spend a bit more conservatively. This means he’s thinking about the future and a way to buy you the ring of your dreams.
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