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5 Steps: How to Ask Her Dad for Her Hand in Marriage

You’ve decided that she’s the one. She’s become the person you can’t imagine your life without. Now it’s time to start planning your proposal. But before that, you need to ask for her hand in marriage and have a chat with her father. Here’s exactly how:


5 Best Things to Say When You Propose

A proposal is a once in a lifetime moment that you will share with your loved one. Regardless of how stressed or nervous you are, remembering to say the right things is essential. A little bit of planning and practice can help.


5 Rules Every Groomsman Must Follow

It’s no question that every groomsman is well meaning towards the couple and their special day, but unfortunately, the overused cliché “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t apply in this case. To be a great groomsman and ensure your friend’s wedding is fun and spectacular, you absolutely need to follow these five basic rules: