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Why Women Love Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This saying was originally made for a Broadway production and became overwhelmingly popular when it was famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in 1953. So is it fact or fiction? Do women truly love diamonds or is it just advertising dollars at work? Here’s a man’s( Four Mine’s expert gemologist) take on the topic:

Four Mine Diamonds

9 Amazing Facts about Diamonds

1. Until the 18th century the only diamond mines found were in India.

2. In the earliest known use of diamonds, the Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial axes.

3. In 2004 astronomers discovered a diamond star that is 10 billion trillion trillion carats!

4. Diamonds are mined deep within the earth and are three quarters of the earth’s age.

5. The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas meaning unconquerable.

6. A rough diamond loses about 40-70% of it’s weight during the cutting process.

7.Diamonds have the highest melting point of any substance on earth.

8. Some believe that diamonds can bring the wearer courage, good luck, fortune and shield against evils.

9. Green diamonds owe their color to radioactive particles within the diamond.