engagement anncounement

Unique Ways to Announce Your Engagement

One of the most important moments for a bride-to- be is announcing her engagement to friends and family. But how do you do this? There are many tried and true ways of doing it like holding an engagement party, sending out a letter, email, social media, or over the phone. But if you really want people to remember your engagement, it has to be done in an unforgettable way.


2016 Engagement Ring Trends

An engagement ring should be a reflection of your style and taste. From fancy halos, to unique diamond accents there are many trends to consider when purchasing an engagement ring in 2016. Here are the hottest engagement ring trends in 2016.


5 Unique Men’s Engagement Rings

Men’s engagement rings are a growing trend. Whether it’s a classic metal band or one accentuated with diamonds and metalwork, there are many styles to choose from. Our top picks for men’s engagement rings.