advice on being engaged

Advice for Engaged Couples

Being engaged is one of the best things that a couple can experience. Taking the first step into really knowing your spouse is a very important task. Unlike what is usually portrayed in television and movies, there is a lot more to being a couple than gazing into each other’s eyes. To make your relationship everlasting, just follow this advice.

Museum Wedding

5 Unique Wedding Venues

Many of you are engaged and planning out your wedding. One of the most important things to consider is where it will all be happening. Since this is your big day, you should personalize the day to your own tastes.


5 Rules Every Groomsman Must Follow

It’s no question that every groomsman is well meaning towards the couple and their special day, but unfortunately, the overused cliché “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t apply in this case. To be a great groomsman and ensure your friend’s wedding is fun and spectacular, you absolutely need to follow these five basic rules: