4 Types of Grooms

4 Types of Grooms and How to Handle Them


This is the groom that has an opinion on everything and needs to be heard. From the flowers to the dress-fitting he has input to give on everything. Dealing with a groom like this can become taxing on your relationship and your wedding planning,especially if you have a long engagement.

Solution: Candidly discuss any difficulties you are having with you groom. Decide to split responsibilities and agree to let your partner decide on some aspects of planning without you. Understand that you will need to compromise or at the very least hear your partner out when they share their opinion. Don’t let any aspect of wedding planning turn into an argument. Be direct and honest without involving family and friends as intermediaries.


If your guy has too little to say and agrees with everything you decide, you may have hit the jackpot according to many brides-to-be. However, if you want your wedding to be a mix of your tastes, you may not be getting enough to work with.

Solution: Understand that wedding planning is not the comfort zone of most men. Try to think of areas that your groom would be excited to work on with you. Whether it’s selecting the band or booking a limo or party-bus, there are definitely areas of the wedding that he could manage.

Lazy Guy

This groom wants nothing to do with the wedding in any shape or form. The more you try to involve him, the further he runs away from anything related to the wedding. The worst is when you catch him making promises to do something and then realize at the last minute that he hasn’t followed through.

Solution: Provide words of encouragement and seek his “expert” opinion in order to boost his confidence and involvement. If nothing else works, ask family and friends to speak with him and tell him that your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion and an opportunity to create some lifelong memories.

Penny Pincher

This groom is concerned with only one detail when you’re trying to plan your wedding. How much the volume of his wallet is going to be decreasing. If you’re paying for the wedding jointly, or if your groom is bearing the majority of the cost, this can be a tricky topic to tackle.

Solution: Decide on a budget at the beginning of your planning and stick to it. Separately create a list of all wedding related expenses in priority order. Compare your list to your grooms and see where your views line up with his. This makes it a lot easier to gauge his preferences and reactions and avoid conflicts. On your part, be sure to stick to the budget and resist the urge to overspend. Remember that while your wedding is important, your relationship trumps the excitement of your big day.


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