Unconventional ceremony

4 Wedding Rules You Can Break

Weddings are a time to celebrate your love and your unique relationship. So if there are traditions and customs that you just don’t want to follow, you shouldn’t have to. Pick and choose what makes sense to you!

Outdated Tradition: All Dressed in White

A common misconception is that white is mandatory for a bridal gown.

Positive Change: White and Ivory are okay, but don’t shy away from color accents. Color adds pop and distinguishes you, the bride. And certainly don’t hesitate to break the shackles and boldly add color throughout. In some cultures, the more vibrant the colors, the more beautiful the bride.

Bride in White

Outdated Tradition: Throwing Rice

This isn’t a food fight and those poor pigeons harmed by your outdated wedding tradition might just haunt you forever!

Positive Change: Because it is a fun, guest-involved tradition, it’s a keeper! Instead of rice though, try incorporating flower petals, bubbles or eco-friendly confetti. All these items make for great photography and truly add a twist to your big day.


Outdated Tradition: Seeing the bride before the ceremony is bad luck

Catching a glimpse or seeing the bride is not going to dictate the future of your relationship. It may ease pre-wedding jitters and make the day even more special.

Positive Change: Make sure you do see each other. Nerves are high, the situation intense, and the ceremony is formal. Your emotions are probably at or near their peak just before you’re getting married. Why not take a second to see the one you’re exchanging vows with for a second. Share a hug or a few words that you not want to in the public spotlight.

Unconventional ceremony


Outdated Tradition: Receiving Lines

An ultimate wedding buzzkill. Receiving lines can get lengthy, tedious for an already exhausted bride and groom and can bore your guests.

Positive Change: Scrap the whole thing. Instead, walk the crowd, greet your guests, visit them and give them special treatment. You’ll look incredibly humble, kind and happy. For those missed, they will understand it’s not possible to see everyone. Just don’t miss them on your thank you card list.



Whether the traditions that you follow on your big day are old or new, be sure that the unique blend is representative of you and your significant other. Don’t feel pressured to incorporate anything because of what anyone else says you “need” to have. Focus on enjoying each moment.

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