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5 Questions to Answer Before you Buy her Ring

 So the search is over- you’ve found The One, and you’re ready to get married. There’s just the small task left of finding the perfect engagement ring. It’s important to find something that matches the bride’s style and personality- but will also be the ring that she will want to wear through the years. Here are some questions to answer before you make your final ring selection.

What kind of jewelry does she normally wear?. If your soon-to-be-fiance prefers pearls and refined earrings and bracelets, she will mostly likely do best with a classic white gold engagement ring with a center diamond. However, if she likes to go funky- think bright, bold jewelry with different patterns and shapes- she might prefer an engagement ring that goes with her day-to-day style. A different type of setting with metalwork, accent stones or two-tone design could be your perfect match.

Does she switch styles with new trends or stay classic? If she likes to switch up her style a few times each year and pay attention to the trends of the moment, it may be wise to go with a more classic engagement ring. Classic rings will never go out of style and you won’t regret your choice in the future!

Is there something personal you want to incorporate in the ring? One great way of being individualistic is to incorporate a personal detail of your relationship into the ring. Have the date of your first kiss engraved onto the band. If you have two pets that you love dearly, consider choosing a 3-diamond ring, with one diamond to remind her of each pet.

Does she have a one-of-kind personality. If she is someone who truly would appreciate an atypical engagement ring, go for it! The marriage will only be about the two of you, so it ultimately does not matter what anyone else thinks. If you aren’t quite sure what type of ring fits her personality best, take Four Mine’s Uniquely Her questionnaire– a series of questions about the bride-to-be that will give you specific options tailored to her likes.

What do you want this ring to represent? This ring represents the love you have for each other- and the future. Choose something that speaks to the two of you and will serve as a reminder of that commitment.

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