5 Rules Every Groomsman Must Follow

It’s no question that every groomsman is well meaning towards the couple and their special day, but unfortunately, the overused cliché “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t apply in this case. To be a great groomsman and ensure your friend’s wedding is fun and spectacular, you absolutely need to follow these five basic rules:


Offer a helping hand

Planning the details of a wedding is probably the most intensive experience that the couple have ever endured thus far in their lives. Needless to say, they would probably greatly appreciate the friendly gesture during the process. Although you may not be the best at arranging flowers or picking out favors- you can help with other tasks like making sure transportation is arranged and guests arrive on time.

Cooperate with the best man and groomsmen

This goes hand-in-hand with the first rule. The best man has enough on his mind already (mostly how awful he is at writing and delivering toasts), so you don’t want to be that guy that doesn’t answer texts/calls or contribute anything to the planning. Everybody has their own tastes when it comes to formal wear, so be ready to compromise in choosing the theme and style of your suit or tux.

Be on top of your responsibilities

Whether it’s sending your measurements for the tailored tux or packing your (already prepared) tux and bringing it to the wedding, do NOT wait until the last second. Chances are, something WILL go wrong, and the groom will never look at you the same way. It’s the least you can do given that you’ve been honored and trusted to be one of the groomsmen.

Don’t go over the top

Let’s be honest, the bachelor party is the first thing you thought about when you were notified that you were chosen as one of the groomsmen. The groom and best man want this to be a glorious night of debauchery just as much as you do. However, it’s tough on the best man to plan and organize the party all by himself so see how you can help out if possible. As for the bachelor party itself, just don’t let it wind up like the beginning of The Hangover; basically, anything goes until you reach the threshold of morally or physically life-threatening.

Be energetic and fun at the wedding

In your half-dazed hungover state after the bachelor weekend, you’ll probably come to the realization that you still have to go to the actual wedding (exciting!). As a groomsman, it’s your responsibility to have high energy at all times and make sure the reception seems like a real party. Do whatever you have to do, whether it’s being the first one on the dancefloor or chatting up the bridesmaids. Just do it.

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