5 Types of Men in the Dating World

The world of dating and men can be a tricky one to navigate. Not everyone is alike but there are some tell-tale characteristics that many men share.

Here are some categories of men that you find out there.

Mr. CareerMan: CareerMan as the name implies thinks only of his career. As he should, after having invested all that time and energy in securing his multiple degrees from the Ivies. His career is of utmost importance- but only his. All the other elements of his life, including his wife should be arranged around his career. The career man is the sun and simply looks for a wife that can orbit around him.

Mr. ManBaby: ManBaby has matured in most ways, is intelligent enough to hold a job, ingest and remember copious amount of sports data and assert himself when he wants. BUT there is a serious defect in his development. Half of him is still a baby- he can’t clean up, cook, do laundry or see the benefits of proper hygiene.  Alas, the ManBaby is only a man 50% of the time. The ManBaby is happiest when he finds a compliant woman to baby him.

Mr.Vanity: Vanity is only concerned with how things look to the outsider. He worries incessantly about how others will perceive his life, and his wife. Therefore, if one is to marry this man she must be prepared to transform into the object of everyone’s desire and work hard to make others appreciate the never ending good fortune of Mr.Vanity.

Mr. Mammasboy: Mammasboy is concerned with little else but his mother. It’s wonderful to care about your parents. However, not to the point where your wife will merely be an accessory to please your mom. If you’re marrying Mammasboy, be prepared to incorporate his mother’s opinion into nearly every aspect of your life.

Mr.FlipFlopper: Like politicians flipflopper is known for making promises and breaking them. He’ll fix this and take care of that- but after he is elected your husband, things change. Don’t cast your one and only vote for this candidate- he’s likely to turn from Hyde to Jekyll after you choose him.

Jokes apart, true love and compatibility is something to cherish. Once found it can transform everything and make a romantic out of even the most rigid cynic. Here’s hoping we all find it!

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