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5 Unique Ring Holders for Your Proposal

Just like your love story, your proposal story should also be unique and special. We know that the highlight of a proposal is the ring, but the proposal is important too. Here are some ideas for unique proposal boxes that can be incorporated into her dream proposal.

Chocolate Box:

If sugary and sweet is your style, pop the ring into a box of her favorite chocolates! Take out the box after a romantic dinner. Have her open the treats as you recite all the reasons you love her. Celebrate with chocolate after you slip the sparkling diamond ring on her finger. She’ll remember your sweet proposal forever!

chocolate box proposal


If you’re both drawn to the beach, or if you’ve planned a destination proposal this might be the perfect way to present the ring to her. Take her for a moonlit stroll on the beach with a picnic packed up just for the two of you. Have her help you unpack everything and find  the clamshell containing the ring at the bottom of the basket. Ask your big question and celebrate by the sea! For an added special touch, use the help of a friend and arrange to “find” the shell during your walk on the beach. Just be sure that your ring is safe until you get to it.

Clamshell Engagement Ring Holder

Board Game Piece:

If you both enjoy playing board games, incorporate the diamond ring into the game. Suggest a casual night at home- playing your favorite game and catching up while eating dinner. If you’re playing Monopoly- the ring can be a new “player piece” that you ask her to use! If life is you game of choice, wait until you reach the “Get Married” portion of the game. Then take out the ring and propose to her! With this proposal you’ll both be winners.


Rose on a Stem:

If she loves flowers, fill her apartment with bunches of long-stemmed red roses. Buy rose ring holder and enclose the ring inside of it. Tell her that one bunch is more special than the rest but that she has to find it. Once she’s found the rose and her beautiful ring, get down on one knee and propose to her!

Roses Engagement Ring


If you’re planning to propose around Christmas, enclose the ring within an ornament that opens and closes. As you’re decorating the tree together hand her the ornament and ask her to open it. When she looks up, make sure she finds you on one knee! An added plus is being able to celebrate with your family and loved ones during the holidays!

No matter how you propose, your thought and creativity is what will put a smile on her a face! Just like the ring you choose should be to her taste, the proposal should reflect what she loves.


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