6 Ideal Dream Wedding Destinations

If both you and your soon-to-be-spouse are travelers at heart, a destination wedding might be the perfect way to start off your      marriage!

  1. Island Wedding. The quintessential dream wedding destination, an island wedding is perfect for those that crave picturesque beaches, crashing waves, and a beautiful sunset at their wedding. Fantastic spots to consider include the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic. Airfare might be your biggest cost, so budget accordingly. However, many resorts have special wedding packages that offer affordable prices for your big day!
  2. Mountain Wedding. If you prefer scaling rocks and gazing at snow-tipped peaks, consider a mountain wedding! Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Aspen, Colorado have a myriad of luxurious mountain resorts and cabins that offer magnificent scenery for a wedding ceremony. You and your guests can toast marshmallows by the fire après-wedding, and perhaps go out for a few ski runs before. At night, you and your new partner can enjoy a glass of wine in a hot tub nestled in the mountains.
  3. Hawaii Wedding. If you’d like to incorporate both the mountain and beach settings into your wedding, fly out to Hawaii for the destination wedding of your dreams! Hawaii’s stunning geography boasts volcanoes and rocky beaches that are sure to take your breath away. Guests can both enjoy watching you get married on the beach as well as  fun activities such as snorkeling or hiking.
  4. European Wedding. If your dream is to visit the cobblestone streets of Paris or eat delicious gelato in Italy, have your destination wedding in Europe. There are many affordable wedding venues, and no shortage of activities for you and your guests. You can travel locally for your honeymoon and cut transportation costs there, and your guests will have memories of a lifetime sipping cocktails on the beaches of Greece or visiting Italy’s finest museums.
  5. Adventure Wedding. For the adventurous couples out there, consider incorporating your love of adrenaline rushes into your wedding destination. Places such as Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile have fantastic locations for a ceremony and even better locations for high-energy activities. Whether you and your fiancé aim to climb Machu Picchu or go zip-lining in the Amazon, you’ll have no shortage of bonding activities to keep you occupied in an adventurous location.
  6. Disney World Wedding. One or both of you may still be a kid at heart- and that’s a great excuse to get married in one of the most popular wedding destinations, Disney World. Have your first kiss as a married couple in front of Cinderella’s castle, and book one of Disney’s top theme hotels for your guests. Guests won’t have any trouble entertaining their kids, and you’ll be able to revisit your childhood while holding hands on the spinning teacups and shrieking with joy on Splash Mountain.
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