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Common Diamond Buying Pitfalls

Buying a diamond can be overwhelming. It’s such a multifaceted (pun intended) decision that in which there are many important factors to consider. Here are a few major miscues that could happen:

Buying Non-certified and Non-GIA Certified Diamonds

Never buy an uncertified diamond from anyone. Non-certified diamond are significantly cheaper than certified. There’s a reason for this and odds are it isn’t that you are the lucky finder of a spectacular deal. A certificate is the objective claim to all your diamond’s characteristics and a clear outline of it’s value.

Additionally, be sure to purchase GIA certified diamonds. Why? Well because GIA has the most stringent grading standards and so your H-color diamond is actually a true H color. Other grading institutions may not provide the most accurate valuation. Which is the primary reason that diamonds with a non-GIA stamp are less expensive.

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Overlooking the Return Policy

Protect yourself! There a chance that the quality of the diamond is poorer than expected or it looks different than expected. Reputable jewelers generally offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Neglecting Quality

When poorly set, small accent diamonds on an engagement ring may fall out. Make sure your jeweler has strict quality controls. If the price is too good to be true, chances are the jeweler makes up for their lack of margins by skimping in other areas. This could be during the manufacturing process or in the quality of accent diamonds they use. You can usually tell which jewelers are careful and meticulous just by the message they convey on site.

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Falling for “80% off” or “$1,000 off”

Don’t let sales tactics and discount/markdown gimmicks con you into believing you’re truly getting a great deal. We encourage comparison shopping for similar types of diamonds. All jewelers strive to be cost-competitive while still offering quality products. Those that are offering discounts that are too good to believe are charging you less but short-changing you on quality.

Focusing on Today’s Trends

Today’s hottest celebrity engagement ring may not be the right ring for her hand ten years from now. This is something you want her to be able to wear forever. It is a symbol of your everlasting commitment. Even if you know her style is way out there, stay just slightly more conservative (use her pinterest board for style inspiration, not necessarily to buy that exact ring).

The most important thing you can do is educate yourself and prioritize. Not every aspect of the purchase may be perfect. For example, you might have slightly exceeded your budget, or you had to sacrifice the carat size or color you really wanted. However, the key is to figure out which factors are most important and determine a comfortable budget accordingly.

Keep these factors in mind while you browse and shop. Because we feel that being educated about your purchase is essential we’ve provided many onsite tools to help ensure you are confident.

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Replica Ring Program: If you’re unsure about selecting a ring style online without seeing it in person, use this service to see your three favorite styles in the comfort of your own home free of charge.

HD Diamond Video: View color, sparkle and inclusions of real diamonds in our inventory with our HD Diamond video viewing tool.

Assisted Search: Use this tool to narrow the selection of diamonds and ensure you are picking one that fulfills every important criterion on your list.

Uniquely Her: Use this quiz to understand which ring settings are perfect for her style, taste and lifestyle.

Education: Use our education pages to interactively learn about the 4 C’s and other significant diamond facts.

Purchasing a ring is about going with what your heart tells you, but just as in a marriage there are many “compatibility” checks you should do before taking that big plunge. Happy shopping!

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