engagement ring and wedding band

Help! I Don’t Love My Engagement Ring

You’ve pretty much got it all. Perfect guy, perfect proposal, perfect life together… But then it hits you, everything is perfect, except for the symbol of your perfect love—the engagement ring.

Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world and it is fixable. A few ideas on making the best of the situation:

You must understand that there could be any one of a handful of reasons he missed the boat on the ring. The most common reasons are:

Budget – Right now, what he’s given you is the most he can afford.

Confusion – He may have misconstrued your hints.

Preference – He has great taste in women (obviously!), but a terrible sense of fashion.

Confidence – He’s a confident guy that believes he should have the final say since the ring is a symbol of HIS commitment

Whatever the reason may be, it’s understandable that you want to have a ring that you will treasure not only for it’s sentimental value but also for it’s aesthetic appeal.

Return Policy

You need to find out where he got the ring. This must be done with careful consideration not to offend him or step on his turf. The reason is that any reputable jeweler will offer you a return policy. If you can exchange the ring, that could be a great option to explore.

Tip: Do NOT change the diamond, only the ring setting, unless the shape is not what you want. Telling him you don’t like the diamond will shatter the poor guy.

Dress it up

Take control of the wedding band. A beautiful, ornate or complimentary wedding band could make all the difference for your engagement ring.


If you are willing to wait it out, try and push for a ring setting upgrade a year or so down the line. Upgrading a diamond can be expensive so wait on that. You can drop very subtle hints about jewelry upgrade throughout the year that’ll lead him in the right direction.

Deal With It (Temporarily)

The best part about engagement rings is that they are technically made for engagements. If you can bare to look at it for a short while, sport it till the wedding. After that, you get to choose whether to wear it with your wedding band or not wear it at all.

Be Honest

(Disclaimer: This may be a big blow to him. Since he’s spent considerable time and money selecting the perfect ring.)

If you can comfortably talk to him about it, then you absolutely should. Together you can solution the best alternative to fix the situation and get back to perfect. If he’s smart, he’ll understand that your happiness is most important and that’s why he got you a ring in the first place.

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