Honeymoon Destinations Based on Your Personality

Honeymoon Destinations Based on Your Personality

After the hustle and bustle of planning and going through the wedding, every couple is eager to go on their honeymoon. Going to an exotic location and spending it with your sweetheart is amazing, but where do you go? Why not choose a destination that better fits your personalities?

Honeymoon Destinations Based on Your Personality


If a beach setting is boring to you, then try to shake things up. Why not take up a challenge like taking a safari, trekking a desert, zip-lining, mount-climbing, skiing and much more. Along with the fun to be had, many of these adventurous destinations are not without their hardships. You have mosquitos, sleeping bags and potential bad weather are just a few of the setbacks. So when going, just be prepared for these setbacks and you should be fine. Some places to consider are Mt. Fuji, Costa Rica or the Swiss Alps.

Kids at Heart

Even though you are technically an adult, you may still find yourself enjoying the things you loved as a child. If that is the case, then why not try your hand at a theme park? Maybe you’re in the mood for something magical and want to go to Walt Disney World and many of its offerings like Epcot or the Animal Kingdom. Or perhaps you might want something different like Sea World or Universal Studios. Whichever you choose, know that you will have a week’s worth of fun ahead of you.

Socially Aware

Going to the beach or resort are good choices for honeymoon. But if you and your spouse are less worried about helping yourselves, then why not help others? Maybe you want to volunteer at church or help out with a disaster like an earthquake aftermath. You can volunteer for a Habitat for Humanity project. Or visit an area in need and offer up your skills whether they be business, medical or anything else. Some other places to consider are Haiti, the Gulf, Chile, and Cambodia. Sometimes spreading love to those in need is just as beautiful as sharing it with your partner.

Culture Lovers

For those who are interested in traveling the world and getting a bigger perspective on their surroundings, then opt for adding some culture to your honeymoon. A lot of major cities have ballet, opera, symphonies and museums for you to enjoy. Or perhaps you want to leave the confines of your city. Then maybe you could try traveling to London, Rome, Thailand or Portugal to soak in their rich cultures.

Make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime. A trip that you will always look back upon and cherish as the beautiful beginning of your marriage.

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