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How to Help Him Select Your Ring

Your relationship is at the point where both of you know that he will be popping the question soon. The easiest route is to tell him or show him exactly which ring you want. If you want to be surprised with the ring and proposal- there are some risks involved in letting him go ring shopping. Would you trust him to make the decision on the ring you must wear forever? He’s your one and only, but your tastes may not always align. Here are some ways to “help” him truly sweep you off your feet.

Love couple engagement


He’s keeping a watchful eye so finally take advantage and drop some Pinterest hints. This is a great way to communicate the engagement ring style and diamond shape. Don’t go crazy though. The last thing you want to do is pin 5 different types of rings and confuse him.

Strategy: Pin 2 or 3 similar rings that represent a specific style with interesting variations so he has some flexibility in making the final decision.

Window Shopping

Conveniently pass by a jewelry store and point out something you like. A light will turn on in his head and he’ll make a note to bookmark the style. This can be effective, but is generally a little more obvious. The key is to be subtle because you want to maintain the element of surprise for yourself and for him.

Strategy:(While walking you stop and say…) “Wow! Look at that ring it’s so shiny! I love the way the diamond sits and how sparkly it looks. That style is so in!”

Admire a Friend’s Ring

A great time to drop a hint is when a friend gets engaged. If you love her ring style, compliment it loudly and make sure he notices. Be careful not to accidentally over-compliment the wrong style otherwise you’ll end up wearing it… for life!

Strategy: “Oh My God, I love your ring. The Halo is stunning and I love all the diamonds around the band! Looks like he passed the test!”

Emphasize Other Jewelry

Your engagement ring should represent your style of jewelry. Tell him about a necklace your really like so wear earrings that you love and point out how much you like them. He will take notice. It can definitely inspire him or at least get him one step closer to the right direction.

Strategy: “I really love ornate and vintage jewelry. Like these earrings that have intricate metal work.”

So remember, drop hints and be subtle. Maintain the elements of surprise and don’t mislead or confuse him in your pursuit of the perfect engagement ring. Have him check out the Four Mine Uniquely Her Questionnaire for inspiration.

Shop Together with the Four Mine Replica Ring Preview

Going into a store together can be intimidating and awkward. You’ll have a limited selection and will have to work with a salesperson. However, you do want the opportunity to see your ring before you buy it and play a part in the decision. With the Four Mine Replica Ring Preview, you can look at rings together and find one you both like.

Strategy: Try your favorite three styles at home for free with the Four Mine Replica Ring Preview. You can shop together in the comfort of your own home and choose a style you want. Simply tell him “this is the one” and then let him do the rest. This will maintain an element of surprise for you, whole letting you play a part in choosing the ring you will wear.


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