dating mr.wrong

How to Know You’re Dating Mr.Wrong


Just because a man is wrong for you doesn’t mean he’s absolutely bad marriage material for every woman. We still believe that there is someone for everyone in the world! With that said, here are 9 little clues that indicate you should stop and think before saying yes:


1.He leaves dirty dishes in the sink, dirty clothes on the floor, overflowing garbage in the bin—and always assumes that you will clean up.

Read: Imagine taking care of a baby all on your own and still cleaning up after the “big baby” too.


2.You have trouble talking on the phone with him for more than 30 minutes.

Read: Your compatibility might only be physical! If you spend the rest of your life with someone, you better have enough shared interests to chat about after the youthful passion is gone.


3. He frequently yells at you for reasons that you don’t think are worth yelling for.

Read: First, imagine the rest of your life with more yelling that you can’t predict. Second, if you don’t think his frequent anger is justifiable, then there is a serious gap in communication and/or understanding between you.


4. He always replied right away when you first started dating, but now he normally takes hours to reply.

Read: He’s already starting to take you for granted.


5. Everything that you think is cheap, he thinks is expensive, or vice versa.

Read: You have different values. Imagine the fights that will result from sharing a bank account or deciding what to buy for your children.


6. When he pours himself a glass of water, he doesn’t pour you one as well or even ask if you want a drink.

Read: This shows a hard-to-change habit of being inconsiderate, especially if he doesn’t improve after you point this out.


7. He loves to ask for all the details about your past, but he avoids talking about his own past.

Read: He has baggage that you can’t relate to. Therefore, it will be hard to be true partners for the rest of your life.


8. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or voluntarily hang out with yours.

Read: You will spend even less time with each other in the future.


9. You searched for this blog post.

Read: Your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong, and you should listen to your women’s intuition. If he doesn’t even try to change after you express the above concerns, then he is most likely Mr. Wrong.


Note: Even if you are dating Mr.Wrong- you can still easily find the ring of your dreams! Try the Uniquely Her Quiz.

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