Four Mine Replica Ring

How to Tell Him Which Engagement Ring You Want

Getting engaged soon? Although, you may know what ring you want- it can be hard to convey which ring is the one to your boyfriend. Here’s how you can help Mr.Right get the ring right! Here’s a step by step way for the better way to shop for an engagement ring using our free Replica Ring Home Preview.

Four Mine Replica Ring

Step 1: Finding and Trying Your Dream Ring

Choose from over 130 Four Mine styles and find your favorite 3. Order them using our free home preview and try them on at home. Ask friends and family you trust for their opinion on which style suits you best. Be sure to take a few pictures with the ring on your hand to remember exactly how it looked.

Step 2: Telling Him Which Ring You Love

Friends and Family Help:

Tell a trusted friend or family member about what you like. Be sure it’s someone that your boyfriend will speak to for advice on which ring to get. The perfect person might be your sister or best friend. Casually tell your boyfriend that if he ever needed help, your sister would be the best person to go to.

If you’ve ordered Replica Rings, send a trusted friend or family member, a picture of you wearing your favorite ring. Tell them to save the picture and forward it to your boyfriend when he comes to them for advice.

Digital Hints:

After you find the ring that you love, create a Pinterest board and pin the ring from our website.

Browse the ring on the Four Mine site from his laptop or tablet. He will see us popping up when he’s reading the news or checking the weather online as an ad.

Leave the crafted ring that you want open on his laptop or create a bookmark with the ring style that you like for him to find later on.

Physical Clues:

Directly give or leave the packing slip you received in your Home Preview box in a place where he can find it. So that he knows which ring you liked.

Tell Him Directly

If you’re comfortable show him the Replica Rings you ordered and tell him which one is your favorite style. Better yet, shop together so that both of you can pick the right ring together.

Step 3: Wearing Your Ring

Well this part doesn’t need instructions! After he proposes, you’ll have the perfect ring and the perfect man for life!

Be Careful!

Remember that this can be a tricky subject to tackle with your boyfriend. Be sure that you are on the same page as him about when to get engaged. Also make sure that he values your input and won’t get turned of by hints and gentle suggestions. Find what works for you both as a couple.

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