groom wedding band

Men’s Wedding Bands Style Guide

Choosing the right wedding band for a man is just as important as choosing a band or ring for a woman. Oftentimes, the band is the only piece of jewelry a man will wear- and it will be for life. So choose one that really matches his personality and preferences.

groom wedding band

Diamond Accentuation: Diamonds can add a little bit of shine and make your wedding band stand out. Choose a design with accent stones around the band or just a few. Emerald cut diamonds are usually a good choice if you’re looking for a stone that’s larger. If you’re looking at design with accent stones, round is generally the best choice.

Satin Princess Diamond

Our Pick: Satin Princess Diamond Men’s Wedding Band


Mixed Metals: You don’t need to choose between platinum, rose, white or yellow gold. Choose a band that has a combination of metals for a twist on a classic wedding band. If you like two-toned watches- this look might be perfect for you.

Carved Dome Two Color

Our Pick: Carved Dome Two Color Men’s Band


Classic and Traditional: Go classic and get a yellow gold wedding band if you have an understated style. If you prefer to wear your ring every day, or work a lot with your hands, you may not want too intricate of a band as it can get damaged. If you’re looking for a twist to the traditional yellow gold, try platinum, white gold or rose gold.

Concave Satin Top

 Our Pick: Concave Satin Top Men’s Wedding Band


Vintage Metalwork: Metalwork on a wedding band can make it unique and personal to you. A milgrain border or design adds a subtle design element without being too flashy. Your wedding band can carry even more meaning if it is engraved with your significant other’s name or a phrase that’s meaningful for the two of you.

Milgrain Carved Concave 

Our Pick: Milgrain Carved Concave Men’s Wedding Band


Trendy: If you would like to wear a ring that is fashion forward but still understated, choose a ring that is made of a single metal type but mixes textures. There are a variety of combinations of matte, high polish, hammered, satin and cross-satin textures that can make your ring uniquely yours.

High Polish Trim

Our Pick: High Polish Trim Men’s Wedding Band


If you need help deciding which metal and band is for you, check out Four Mine’s Wedding Guide.



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