Should you buy an Engagement Ring with Your Girlfriend?

Times have changed and shopping for jewelry has too. Believe it or not over 65% of women are now involved in picking their engagement ring. Here’s an easy breakdown of what it’s like to shop together for an engagement ring.

Why She Should be Involved in the Decision

She’s probably been dreaming about what kind of ring she will receive since she was little. Whether her tastes are minimal or extravagant, she has a vision of what she wants to wear on her finger. As hard as you try, it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly what she wants unless she is involved.

If you’ve both already decided that a proposal is on the cards, why not involve her in one of the biggest purchases you may make. She’ll feel valued as an equal decision maker and someone who you see a future with. You can still surprise her and sweep her off her feet with a well-planned proposal.

Involving her in the decision, means that there’s less stress for you. You have someone to compare ring styles with, assess retailers and determine what’s within your budget.

By having her involved, you can ensure that you get a ring that is the right size. There will be no hassle and no need to resize once the ring has been crafted. No returns and no risk.


If you’re unsure about how to involve her in the decision, here are a few ways you can shop together but still avoid any awkwardness.

Make the Purchase Together: If you’re completely comfortable with sharing expectations, discussing prices and looking together, involve her throughout the whole process. This way you’ll get exactly what she wants.

Browse Ring Styles Together: If you’re uncomfortable discussing prices or choosing a diamond together, go window shopping and have her try styles when you are with her. You’ll get an idea of what she likes and what looks good on her hand. If you’re nervous about doing this with a salesperson at a store, try Four Mine’s Replica Ring Home Preview. In the privacy of your own home, try three of her favorite styles. Once she’s indicated which one she likes, you can go online and customize that exact style to match your budget with the ideal diamond and metal.

Shop Alone with Some Help: If you really want to ensure that your proposal and ring is a surprise for her, but are not confident about picking the ring by yourself, ask her best friend, sister or mother for help. Browse online and pick your favorite styles. You can order Four Mine Replicas to see your selections at home and then have a trusted source weigh in one which style she would prefer, all in complete secret.

However you decide to shop, there are many options to choose from. Shopping for an engagement ring does not have to be daunting. Most importantly, be sure that the ring you end up buying meets both of your expectations and brings you both happiness when you look at it.

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