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Vendor Spotlight: Paparazzi Proposals NYC Graffiti Proposal

Beautiful proposals come together when a very personalized idea is executed with perfection and captured on camera. This week’s proposal is romantic, personal and happened right here in NYC.

The Idea:

Autumn in New York is a marvel in its own. The leaves are all sorts of colors and the temperature is just right for a stroll through Central Park to profess your love to your significant other and ask for their hand in marriage. Bradley and Caitlin’s love sparkled and blossomed through the power of poetry. Bradley and Caitlin both reside in England. Bradley contacted Paparazzi Proposals because he was coming to America and knew he wanted to propose here. Back in England, Bradley is a graffiti artist collector. When they first began dating, he gave Caitlin a book by Steven Powers, who is a graffiti artist in Philadelphia. The book is based on a series of artwork he did writing love poems across rooftops and trains. Caitlin loved a specific verse from the book that said, “Forever begins when you say yes.” This was the inspiration for his proposal idea.

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The Setup:

While his first effort was to propose in Philadelphia to be around the Caitlin’s favorite verse, it wasn’t possible. This just inspired Bradley to make his own piece with the help of Tats Cru. The piece they recreated was massive. It was 20 feet by 5 feet and read, “Caitlin, forever begins when you say yes.” That day, the two lovebirds went out to eat and then for a stroll through Central Park. While at lunch, the banner was stretched out on a wooden frame and was put up against a tree. Caitlin’s surprise and happiness upon seeing the proposal made all the effort worthwhile. The answer of course was a yes! In case you’re wondering, the two went shopping for a ring the next day, so Caitlin could choose one that she truly loved.

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The Planners:

Paparazzi Proposals is America’s only and leading national engagement photography company. We help guys and girls plan, execute, and capture their perfect proposals all without their partner knowing that we were there so they can surprise their loved ones with photos and video of the exact moment they dropped to one knee. After our success on ABC’s Shark Tank and continued TV coverage, we’re now proud to represent every major city in America.

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