True Love

Why Women Love Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This saying was originally made for a Broadway production and became overwhelmingly popular when it was famously performed by Marilyn Monroe in 1953. So is it fact or fiction? Do women truly love diamonds or is it just advertising dollars at work? Here’s a man’s( Four Mine’s expert gemologist) take on the topic:

Round Diamond

Their Beauty

Diamonds are actually one of the Earth’s most unique substances. Diamonds have unbelievable hardness, scratch resistance, luster, shine and of course sparkle. They take billions of years to develop and in order to produce just 1 carat, it takes 100 tons of rock mining. Diamonds possess adamantine luster, which gives them fire and brilliance. The adjectives that describe diamonds are unique to diamonds alone. So is it surprising that one of the Earth’s rarest and most unique substances is appealing to so many different types of women?


Representation of Love

Because of their rarity and higher price tags, women associate diamonds with a man’s love and value for their significant other. Because diamond rings are one of the few pieces of jewelry that are worn all the time, it isn’t unreasonable to associate them with the emotions we feel on a daily basis. Since no two diamonds are the same, each one represents unique love.

His love makes you feel better. If he buys you a dozen roses as opposed to just one, of course that feels better. Ultimately, a rose is a rose so why do we prefer a bouquet? Somehow our minds and hearts equate more roses with more love. The same applies for an engagement ring with high craftsmanship and a beautiful diamond. Does it actually mean he loves you more? Probably not, but sometimes we like to believe so. And that feeling is important in the daily hustle of life.

True Love


Her Status

Our drive to earn is quite simple: we want to live comfortably. We want to have nice cars, clothing, fancy food, amazing vacations. Once the standard is set, the expectation follows. Women want to meet or exceed expectations and so their diamonds, items they wear every day, should make that statement about their status and expectations.

Ultimately, diamonds are symbolic rocks. To each, her own. Women love diamonds because they are more than the topic of a hit Broadway song. Diamonds have beauty, represent love and status. They are a metaphor for how rare and valuable true love is. And for me, getting a beautiful ring to show my love is a small price to pay.

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