Engagement Proposal

You’re Engaged! Here’s what to do Next!

Getting engaged will be one of the most monumental moments in your life. Here’s how to handle all the wonderful chaos that comes after the big question has been popped! Here’s what to think about, how to handle decisions and field questions:

Celebrate. The first step of any engagement period to celebrate your upcoming marriage and spread the news to your loved ones. Call your parents, siblings, and those relatives that you usually only speak to on holidays. This is a joyous occasion, and everyone will want to share it with you. Consider having pictures printed, or send out an official announcement by mail to give people a tangible memory!

Discuss finances. If you’re planning on having a large or opulent wedding, start saving sooner than later. Set a budget, and communicate with each other regularly on how you’re sticking to it. Be sure to include family members that are helping to pay for the wedding.

Establish an organization system. Weddings are filled with details, and they are hard to keep track of! Whether it’s a physical binder set, an online wedding planning website or document sharing drive, find a way to share and organize everything. Set up separate sections for for each aspect of the wedding (flowers, guests, accommodations), and let your wedding party know.

Discuss your wedding vision. It’s imperative to be honest and incorporate both his and her vision into the wedding. Do the two of you want a beach summer wedding, or a fall rustic wedding? Traditional vows or nontraditional? Big guest list or small? Now is the time to whittle down your options and talk them through. Set aside an evening to go on Pinterest together and look for inspiration, or purchase a bridal magazine and peruse it together.


Set your location. Setting the location is the next step after discussing your vision. Decide which venues are within your budget and will accommodate the number of guests you have. Most venues require bookings months in advance, so make sure to keep that in mind!

Choose your honeymoon.  Deciding the ideal setting for your honeymoon should be another collaborative effort! It may be far off, but in order to plan the perfect getaway you will need to plan in a variety of ways. Ask advice from your parents and other married couples on their destinations, and draw up a short list with your options. Then, revisit your budget, and make a decision based on the time of year and length of the honeymoon. Weighing your options while you plan your wedding will allow you to allocate the right budget to each part of your wedding and honeymoon.

Enjoy it! Whether your engagement period is short or long, it’s a wonderful transitional time in your life. Be proud of using the words fiancée and fiancé, and tell each other frequently how excited you are to spend the rest of your lives together!

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