glitter theme wedding

4 Unique Theme Weddings

The ring was chosen, the question was asked- and the answer was yes! The next step is planning a memorable ceremony and reception that reflects both of your personalities. If traditional weddings aren’t your style, think about going more individualistic. Choose a theme that speaks to the both of you and reflects your interests. It’s guaranteed that your guests will always remember it!

Carnival Themed Wedding.  If you and your loved one have always loved fairs and carnivals, having a carnival themed wedding would be a wonderful throwback to your childhood. Have bright pastels as your theme color to reflect a cheerful mood. Serve typical carnival hors d’oeuvres, such as pigs in a blanket or French fries, in decorative Snow Cone holders. Centerpieces can be constructed out of stacks of ticket rolls. If you want to have entertainment, consider hiring a Ferris wheel for the day. Lastly, send your guests home in typical carnival style- place bags full of candy and chocolates into vintage popcorn boxes.




Literary Themed Wedding. If one or both of you are lovers of books, consider incorporating that into your big day! Make or buy library card invitations to send to your guests ahead of time. Put favorite quotes on each guest’s name card- or have a quote on each table in lieu of a number. The cake can be a design of your favorite novel. Theme colors should be muted and rustic. Lastly, have a guestbook ready for people to sign before they leave- so you can start writing the story of your new lives together.



Glitter Themed Wedding. If both of you are glamorous people, then a glitter themed wedding would be the perfect combination of class and glitz. Instead of having rose petals strewn down the aisle by your flower girl, have her toss glitter before the bride’s big entrance instead. Serve champagne in glitter-dipped flutes, and allow guests to take home the glasses as a wedding favor. Theme colors can be a mix of gold, silver, white, or black. Have glitter or crystals placed in the floral centerpieces so that the lights will bounce off of them during the reception and create an ethereal atmosphere.

glitter theme wedding


Black and White Wedding. If bright colors aren’t your taste, and you prefer a more minimalist approach, choose a theme based entirely on the colors of black and white to offer an elegant feel. Have all-white chairs for the ceremony and reception with a black bow tied at the back. The cake should be made in clean lines with patterns. Additionally, vanilla and chocolate frosted cupcakes can serve as an alternative form of dessert. For table decoration, have votive candles placed in the middle with an array of white and black stones around them. Then, sit back and enjoy the luxurious and simple décor.

black and white wedding


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