beach wedding

4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable for Guests


Every bride and groom will look back on their wedding day as one of the most memorable days in their relationship. Try these new trends to make your wedding unforgettable for you, and your guests.

beach wedding

Nontraditional Venue

Everyone has been to a wedding on a beach or in a church. Try booking your wedding at a more creative venue, like an art museum or a national park. If you decide to go with one of these options, make sure you keep the theme simple, since your venue is more unique. Your guests will be excited to experience a wedding at a new location.


Simple Desserts

Wedding desserts can be anything from a standard white cake to an elaborate dessert display. You don’t need a huge variety of desserts to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth. Stick with simple treats like an ice cream sundae bar or Italian pastries. Oh, and don’t forget the wedding cake! Go for one that tastes amazing, it’ll make your guests happy.


Diverse Music

Whether you hire a DJ or a live band, make sure that the music is diverse. Ask your musician if they can incorporate music from all different eras. This way, both Grandma and your 8-year-old flower girl can dance to their favorite song. You can even add different musical elements into your wedding, like a gospel choir for the ceremony or a jazz band for cocktail hour.


Interactive Bar

A key to keeping your guests happy is offering them a variety of drinks. Instead of an open bar, try an interactive option where guests can make their own drinks. Your adult guests will love a make-your-own champagne bar, complete with a variety of bitters for guests to try. For your under-age guests, try a juice bar, where kids can choose a mixture of a variety of fruit juices to make an original drink.


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