5 Creative Wedding Gifts on a Budget


Your schedule is filling up with weddings! Buying gifts for multiple weddings can be very expensive. Choose one of these gifts that are both creative, and will stay in your budget.


Embroidered Linens

You can buy towels, sheets and pillowcases for a low price at big department stores. But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay a lot to get them embroidered. Take the linens to a seamstress or tailor who will monogram them for a reasonable fee. Not only is this gift useful, but it’s also personalized for the wedding couple.


Future Wine

Visit a local wine and spirits shop and speak to a wine expert there. Ask for a $40-$60 bottle of wine that will taste even better in the years to come. Wrap a bottle with a note that asks the bride and groom to celebrate their love with this bottle of wine on their 10th anniversary.


Couples Massage

Instead of a material gift, why not offer the gift of an experience instead?  Hosting a wedding can be very stressful. Spend between $75 and $100 to give the couple a romantic massage. This will help them relax and do something fun together after their big day!



Antiques are a popular staple in any home. However, they are usually very expensive. Instead of going to stores that make an item look vintage, go to a flea market, farmer’s market or yard sale for an original.


Small Registry Items

When a bride and groom create their registry, they usually add a variety of items at different price points. If there’s a registry, choose a few of the more modestly priced registry items to create a gift basket. Other guests might pass up on these smaller gifts, so now the couple can get everything they need.

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