Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day

5 Famous Marriages in History

There are countless marriages that have happened throughout history and in every part of the world. Here are 5 marriages from history that have stood the test of time as testaments to love and true partnership. If they could give any advice to newly married couples, here is what we think they would say.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s marriage lasted several years and was filled with true partnership and teamwork. The couple who were actually cousins first met in 1836 and was married 4 years later in 1840. Prince Albert was an important political adviser and consultant in matters of diplomacy and foreign relations. The couple had 8 children and a very successful marriage filled with love and devotion.

Their advice: Bring out the best in your partner and be their support as they take on challenges.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their wedding day

Marie and Pierre Curie

A marriage of two minds above anything else, this union was sealed together by the duo’s love of science. While looking for lab space, Marie met Pierre Curie. Several letters from Pierre convinced her to return to Paris to complete her doctorate degree from Poland.  Marie convinced Pierre to complete his doctorate degree as well. Eventually, this prolific duo made many advancements together in science.

Their advice: Always push your partner to both achieve their happiness and fulfill their potential.

marie and pierre

E.B and Katherine White

They were two great writers who met while working at The New Yorker magazine. EB White was a contributing writer while Katherine white was a features editor. Their love bloomed as EB White wrote love poems to be published in the magazine. Their proposal and marriage happened on the same day and they remained married until Katherine’s death in 1977.

Their advice: Create a true partnership in life. Whether you have diverging or common interests, be involved and excited about each other always.

EB and Katherine White

John and Abigail Adams

This was a marriage of two intellectual equals in an unlikely time. When John was called to work as a part of the Continental Congress, Abigail managed their farm, finances and children. They corresponded and Abigail’s advice on political affairs was taken into consideration by her husband. This true partnership and love continued through John Adams’ presidency.

Their advice: Be each other’s support system, when life is great and especially when it’s not.

john abigail adams

Jackie and Rachel Robinson

This couple met as students at UCLA in 1941. Their 5 year relationship turned into marriage when Jackie Robinson started playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  While raising three children together, the couple also maintained unique professional identities. Rachel pursued a nursing career. Facing prejudice and hardships together, this couple remained devoted to each.

Their advice: No matter what world thinks of you, you should think the world of your spouse. Make a promise to make him or her your first priority.

Jackie Robinson

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