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5 People Likely to Interfere with your Wedding Planning


Your wedding day should be the best day of your life. However, you may face some frustrations with your friends and family while you’re planning your big celebration. Here are 5 people who may cause you some stress, and tips on how to keep them from getting under your skin.

wedding day couple

The Meddling Mother-In-Law

Sure, some brides have a kind, easy-going mother-in-law. Unfortunately, most of us are not so lucky. She is probably very overprotective of her son, and she is worried about him spending the rest of his life with you. Try to ease her worries by assuring her that just because you’re marrying her son, doesn’t mean she is losing him. Make sure she feels welcome in your life by asking her for help and advice. She will appreciate it, and you will be building a strong foundation for a relationship in the future.


The Bland Bridesmaid

This is the cousin or long-time family friend that you felt required to ask to be a bridesmaid. She does not act excited for your special day or get involved in the wedding details like the other bridesmaids. Try to pair her with a bridesmaid that you think would be a great influence to carry out some of the wedding duties. They will become great friends, and she will want to get more involved in your wedding planning to be with her new friend.


The Single Sister

Your sister has been with you through everything in your life, including big milestones like your wedding. She wants everything to be perfect for you, but she may be feeling a little overshadowed and jealous. Even though it is your day, make sure she knows her opinion matters. If she is your maid of honor or bridesmaid, ask her what style of dress she would feel beautiful in, so that she feels special, but doesn’t take the spotlight off of you.


The Frustrated Father

Your Dad probably isn’t too concerned with the details of your wedding, but he is worried about the cost. Remember, you Dad is just looking out for you. Try to include him in the wedding planning more so that he understands what you want on your wedding day. Compromise so that you can stay within your budget, but still have a beautiful wedding.


The Forgetful Friend

After you send out your save-the-date card and invitations, you are bound to still have a few friends who haven’t RSVP’d yet. This is frustrating, but remember that this is their responsibility, not yours. And if you really need responses, recruit your maid of honor to help with getting responses. The guests who really care about you and your wedding, will respond, just have patience and remember to enjoy planning for the most important day of your life.


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