Museum Wedding

5 Unique Wedding Venues

Many of you are engaged and planning out your wedding. One of the most important things to consider is where it will all be happening. Since this is your big day, you should personalize the day to your own tastes.

Museum Wedding

Boat: With Your First Mate

If you love the sea and everything related to it, then getting married on a boat would be perfect for you. Choose from a yacht, ferry, sailboat, or any that you want. Your guests will not only be treated to your wedding, but to a wonderful boat ride. And just imagine the nautical pictures that your photographer will take. If you don’t want to actually be out on sea, that’s fine. There are many docked boats that hold wedding venues.


Treehouse: For a Magical Ceremony

Most adults think that tree houses are strictly for children and don’t really care for them. But what if I told you you can get married in one? That’s right, you can have your wedding in a treehouse. These are cottages that are lifted up by stilts surrounded by a beautiful forest environment. Typically these locations are smaller, which is perfect for those who want a more intimate wedding.


Botanical Garden: For Floral Fun

Imagine having your wedding surrounded by beautiful flowers. Now that can happen if you choose reservations for a botanical garden, horticulture center, or conservatory. These places often have flowerbeds, tree-lined paths, fountains, and many other natural wonders which are great for the wedding and reception.


Antique Store: A Good Old-Fashioned Time

If you are a fan of antique stores and flea markets, then why not try to have a wedding in an antique store. The unique items that you would usually find in places like this will make up the wedding decorations. The result will make your venue have a cool vibe that will surely impress your guests and leave happy memories with you and your spouse.


Museum: A Day to Remember

Museums bring an air of class with them, along with a fountain of knowledge. Imagine having your wedding with the backdrop of an amazing dinosaur skeleton or a breath-taking work of art. This is perfect if you are both art lovers or have an interest in history.


Whichever venue you choose, be sure that it’s personal to you and a place that you both love.

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