Vintage Jewel cake

Bejeweled Wedding Cakes

Who says wedding cakes have to be simple? Instead of flowers, try a bejeweled wedding cake for extra glamour at your wedding.

Pearly-White Wedding Cake

If you’re a bride who loves classic elegance, you will really enjoy a wedding cake covered in pearls. This cake would be perfect for a ‘50s and ‘60s inspired wedding, when strings of pearls were popular with every chic fashionista.

Pearl White Wedding Cake

Jewel Pin Wedding Cake

At the beginning of the 20th century, hair clips and jeweled insect pins were very popular. Try this royal, enchanted cake for a retro wedding. This cake is very whimsical, colorful and perfect for a couple that has a fun vibe.

jewel pin cake

Bright Jewels Wedding Cake

During the 18th and early 19th century, Englishwomen wore beautiful, opulent jewelry. This cake is a tribute to diamonds. This cake design would be perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate royal treatment at a lavish wedding.

Vintage Jewel cake

Greek Gold Wedding Cake

Feel like a Greek goddess with a cake inspired by gold jewelry, which made a statement during the Hellenistic period. This cake is a Greek fantasy, made of gold foil paint and a sweet buttercream filling.



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