bride and groom tech

Exciting Wedding Technology Trends

All couples going through the exhausting process of planning a wedding hope to make their special day an occasion to be remembered (hopefully in a positive way). To ensure that your wedding stands out to your guests, consider these exciting trends and wedding tech tools: 

bride and groom tech

In preparation…

Online Collaboration and Communication

In 2015, we are well into the age of cloud storage and online collaboration. Even if you aren’t very tech savvy, there are several very basic tools that seamlessly organize all the details of your wedding planning and save you the headache of misplacing or losing anything. With apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you and everyone involved in your wedding planning can share new ideas, collaborate on wedding details, and access up-to-date information from anywhere on any device. In addition, services like Skype and Google Hangouts allow you to work around the busy schedules of your bridesmaids and hold productive video-call sessions when in-person meetings are not possible


Online Invitations Revisited

Online invitations have had a bad rep for being tacky and cheap in the past, but companies like Paperless Post are completely reinventing the practice. You can be sure to find something that truly represents you among the hundreds of gorgeous designs that they provide. Keep in mind, this is only a viable option if all or almost all your guests are reachable by email or social media.


The Wedding App

There’s an app for just about anything these days, so why should your wedding be an exception? Completely free-of-charge services like Wedding Party allow you to organize all your wedding details in one place for your guests. When your guests download the app, they can share the pictures they took, access your gift registry, learn about events and accommodations, and much, much more. Even those who don’t have access to smartphones can navigate to the accompanying wedding website on their computers. Another beautiful app that seamlessly brings together all the details of your wedding is Appy Couple. From games, to event details and the story of the bride and groom, guests can find everything they need and more through this app.


Gift Registry Redesigned

Newlywish is a service for couples that just aren’t content with the traditional gift registry, enabling them to register for food and wine, tickets to various events, and cash funds among other unique options.

On the wedding day…


Capturing your Wedding Through a Unique Perspective

There has been a lot of buzz about drones redefining modern warfare, but did you know that drones are also being used to give unparalleled aerial shots of weddings? Obviously this is only relevant to outdoor weddings, but the relative novelty of drone technology alone can give your guests a highlight to talk about the next day. The guests will often not even know they are being filmed as they are walking down the aisle, producing genuine candid shots. Another trend is implanting the bride’s bouquet with a GoPro, a small camera that is designed for motion-heavy footage, providing a unique view of the wearer’s perspective throughout their special day.


The Wedding #hashtag Trend

An easy way to organize everything posted about your wedding on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in one place is to tell your guests to tag their photos with a custom wedding hashtag. As a fun interactive activity for the guests, WeddingHashtagWall creates an Instagram slideshow of pictures shared with your wedding hashtag on a real-time display. In addition, this creates an archive of guest photos for you to revisit in the future.


Streaming your Wedding

Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to your wedding.. To include these important people in the festivities, streaming your wedding online is becoming a very popular trend. The people behind BridalStream take care of everything from start to finish for those who are less inclined to use uStream and host it themselves.


Crowd Sourced Wedding Video

For a unique twist to wedding photography, a service called Wedit provides you with 5 HD cameras that are meant to be handed out to trusted guests during the wedding. The result is a different, more personal perspective in your wedding video and it saves you a lot of money as well.

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